How can you tell if wisdom teeth are coming in? I have a pain in the back of my mouth and I don’t know if it’s just a bad ulcer or my wisdom teeth. I mean, it’s only on one side of my mouth and aren’t teeth symmetrical?

  1. morgantheflesheatingzombiegirl said: my wisdom teeth grew in roughly around the same time, but it was one after the other.
  2. largedad said: they can come in a long time apart from each other actually!!! take a flashlight and examine the area and if the space behind your last molar is red/swollen then yeah de teeth r comin
  3. hushhoneyyy said: No, your wisdome teeh can come in at different times. It might take months for you to even see them pushing through. If the pain is unbearable go to the dentist for x rays and see if they need to be removed :) xx
  4. anywherewithyou said: They can come in at different times, the only way to tell if thy haven’t erupted yet is to go to the dentist and xray them. But if they’re not causing you trouble I wouldn’t worry too much.
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