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Playing a Bethesda game like


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Oh that’ really cool. That’s the only place I go to get shirts.
AKW x Twin Oaks - LEAVES
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Aaron from twinoaksmusic and I did this collaboration over the last few days.


when i was young
and miserable,
their hands were full
and i was invisible.

but knowing you
made me feel
like a universe
where i was beautiful.

sometimes i can’t believe
that i lost you to me.

you built me up in your head
so much stronger
than i am.

i want to lay
myself in leaves
soaked from the rain
say i feel the same.

rip me off,
as you will,
and i will fall
like i’m one of them.

download here: "leaves"

Debonair Ez on the other hand, doesn’t look that nice.

The new patcher and client look so good. I haven’t signed on PBE in a while but it’s really nice, you can see the free champs and the patch notes in the patcher.

I need a new show to watch.



I don’t text anyone because I’m not convinced any of you are real and not just figments of my imagination.