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Don’t you just love spring time.

Don’t you just love spring time.

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I got another character to 80!

I got another character to 80!


Character: Sona

Game: League of Legends

CN: Tomia

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I forgot to call my dad on his birthday and now my mom keeps calling to probably yell at me so I’m just going to ignore her. ^-^

fk that’s so garbage. will it apply to dye that is already unlocked?

Well if you have the same dye on multiple characters, you get a free unid for each duplicate. But I think unids will be account bound after the update.

i really wonder what happened between the beta and release/whenever they took out account bound dyes to make them make that decision tbh

i’m really glad they’re changing it but the price of unid dyes had doubled since they announced it :c

I’m so excited for the feature pack in GW2 tomorrow. Finally, account bound dyes. *____________*